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Wendy + Ryan's Wedding Postponement Story

During this uncertain time, the health and well-being of our loved ones, couples and guests are at the forefront of our mind. Over the past few weeks, we've worked with all of our couples who were scheduled to be married in the upcoming months to find the best alternative plan or date that works for their wedding. Wendy + Ryan were just a month away from tying the knot at Sacred Mountain when they made the decision to postpone their wedding. And in doing so, they, like so many other couples, are keeping their friends, family, and community safe. Here is their story!

Wendy and Ryan A Pandemic Wedding Story
Photographer @laurafordphotos

"After a year of planning our wedding and being so, so close to the finish threw us a curve ball with the coronavirus outbreak. 

With the ban on large gatherings for a couple of months, our big day was threatened - it landed right at the end of that recommended time. We were definitely nervous. We love Sacred Mountain so much, as well as all of our vendors, and we didn’t want to cancel and lose everything!

Then the quarantine happened, and we knew we would have to do something in order to protect us and everyone that would be involved. We got the call from Sacred Mountain about this situation, and together we discussed the possibility of rescheduling our day. Thankfully, an opening landed on our laps and we moved forward with the date switch. Working with Sacred Mountain to make this happen was a total breeze!

Yes, it was crazy to think we would have to move everything around, but we were glad we didn’t have to cancel!

It was also amazing to work with vendors who were all so accommodating to this crazy situation. As far as our guests, in state and out of state, they were so understanding and were able to make their travel arrangement switch without an issue as well. 

Next thing we knew, everything had been moved and now we just have to wait a bit longer for our wonderful day. Patience is a virtue, right? 

And in the end, your day will be awesome and beautiful no matter when it lands, as long as those people are healthy and happy around you. 
Wendy and Ryan Pandemic Wedding Elopement at Sacred Mountain Julian
Photographer @laurafordphotos

As scary as this situation is, and as much as it may seem like your big day is ruined, it’s worth rescheduling to keep those you love, and those you’ll work with, safe from this virus. And in the end, your day will be awesome and beautiful no matter when it lands, as long as those people are healthy and happy around you. 

Plus, the way we see it, we’ll have a crazy story to tell our future kids! No one could stop us from getting married, not even a worldwide pandemic."  - Wendy + Ryan


Original wedding date: May 2020

Photographer @laurenfordphotos

We understand it's an emotional time and we are dedicated to accommodating the needs of our couples and guests as best as we can.

A special thank you to Wendy + Ryan for sharing their story with us.

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